Plumbing Supplies for The Trade & DIY'er.

Plumbing supplies are needed surprisingly often, whether you're a plumber by trade or simply an avid DIY enthusiast who likes to keep all of your plumbing in tip top condition, Manly's has a comprehensive range of plumbing supplies, plumbing tools and essentials for every job. We are focused on all plumbing supplies, making sure you're equipped for any eventuality is what we do best and by providing high quality products you can rest assured that you're getting the best deal from a reputable company. Sacrificing quality for the sake of saving a couple of pennies here and there will only harm your plumbing supplies and tools in the long run, so make the sensible choice and buy intelligently with us.

As plumbing supplies is such a general term, it incorporates a whole variety of different items that can be used in a wide range of plumbing scenarios. We don't limit ourselves to selling tools and plumbing supplies that are considered the most popular essentials; instead we stock everything you could ever want... Whether you're buying to complete a current job or buying in preparation for what's around the corner, you should consider the following:

DIY or Trade Professional:

Even if you have a small amount of plumbing knowledge, there's a good chance you'll be able to fix a large amount of regular plumbing problems that plague the house. However, you will of course need the correct tools for the job and this is where the cost comes in. You might find that hiring a trade professional to do the one job is of a similar price as the required tools. But this is where you need to make a judgement call and work out whether it's worth investing in the tools and plumbing supplies which will allow you complete future jobs that crop up or if you want a one-off fix. For those that have a good amount of DIY common sense and some plumbing experience, it will likely be better to invest in some tools and plumbing supplies to save yourself a lot of money over time. DIY is also a convenient option as plumbers can be scarce or hard to find in times of need...

Plumbing Specific Tools:

Whether you're working in the bathroom or kitchen, there's bound to be a lot of work that needs doing and most of these jobs will require tools to complete. However, before you start throwing money at a bunch of tools you might not even need, work out what tasks you need specific tools for. Many people make the mistake of buying extra tools for work that they can do with a general purpose tool that they already have lying around in the shed. Don't think just because the job involves plumbing work that tools that have other functions don't apply, because they do and in most circumstances they work just as efficiently as a dedicated tool for the purpose. Needle nose pliers, wrenches, socket sets, chisels and claw hammers are just a handful of tools that can be used in a plumbing environment. However, there are times when a dedicated plumbing tool will be required to complete a specific job. That won't be a problem as we may be an online company but we stock more than enough high quality tools that can be sent direct to you; plumbing torches, pressure gauges and wire locators are just a small selection of dedicated plumbing supplies you will likely need at some point or another.

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